We are always after materials we can use for community projects, and for our members to work with. We have become quite expert at re/upcycling and repair of all sorts of things!

Immediate Wish List

Keeping our kitchen and social area clean is a real challenge. We could really do with:

  • A steam cleaner
  • A carpet washer
  • Cleaning supplies – hand soap, dishwasher tablets, anti bac wipes, floor cleaner etc

In general we also go through lots of tea and coffee, as well as biscuits. These are always greatly received.

Things we really like are:

  • Wood – pallets in good condition, sheet, long length of straight timber, plywood offcuts over 50cm wide/long
  • Metal stock and sheets
  • Perspex/Acrylic stock and sheets
  • Power tools (working, complete with necessary guards/safety features if possible)
  • Machine tools (lathe, mill etc)
  • Nuts & bolts (Metric preferably), wood screws (prefably not slot head)
  • Workshop supplies – sandpaper, glue/adhesives, wood stains,
  • Through-hole electronic components
  • Computers if less than 3 years old

No thanks to:

  • General rubbish
  • “WEEE” – waste electrical – it costs us to dispose of it – old tv’s, radios, DVD/bluray players etc
  • Unsorted screws/nails
  • Mostly empty paint cans

We can arrange to pick up large items, or help with house clearance of the above items.

Any items that we cannot use ourselves are often redistributed to other groups through our network of contacts.

You can also contribute towards the community projects using Paypal