How the Shed works

Men’s Sheds are an international movement that began in Australia. Men in Sheds MK is affiliated to the UK Men’s Sheds Association, a charity with approximately 13000 participating members in over 800 Sheds in England and Wales. The Kiln Farm Shed in Milton Keynes is one of the largest in the UK, with over 100 members. Sheds foster health and well-being, primarily but not exclusively for men, by enabling hobbies, skills, community-based projects and sharing of knowledge and social interests – all in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Our Members  

The majority of our members are retired but wish to put their time and effort into supporting the local community. The Shed provides opportunities for social interaction and seeks to provide a safe and harmonious environment for people from all walks of life. 

The charity works in an informal way without any paid employees and is open up to four days a week. Members are encouraged to share their vast knowledge and experience with others. 


Activities at the Shed are very diverse. Some members have their own personal projects, others choose to become involved with a wide variety of community projects that have in the past included: the construction and refurbishment of garden and public benches; construction of wheeled boxes for the MK Food Bank; the creation of theatrical scenery and props and playground equipment for schools and nurseries. 


The Shed provides facilities for woodworking, metalworking, model making, stained glass, model railways and painting and drawing. There are also opportunities to join the Makerspace group whose members have access to 3D printers and electronics equipment. 

Who can be a Shedder? 

Our primary interest is the welfare and well-being of men although we have a growing number of female members. Shedders are over 18 years of age. Some Shedders come to share specific skills, others to learn or simply socialize over a mug of tea and a chat. 

Management and governance 

The Shed has a Management Committee responsible for day-to day decisions on operational matters and a Board of Trustees who have oversight of financial and strategic matters. 

How we are funded

The Shed relies almost entirely on donations from members and supporters to cover its running costs, which are expected to exceed £20,000 in 2023. Members are asked to donate £15-£20 a month but no-one is excluded if this is beyond their means.